Regal Assets Review

Welcome to our Regal Assets Review. We hope that you will enjoy it and gain information about the company as we move forward in this Regal Assets Review. If you an investor who is looking to diversify your portfolio and get more into alternative assets, stay tuned.

Regal Assets is the premier one stop shop for investors who want to invest into precious metals and cryptocurrency.

With the purpose of this review of Regal Assets, our goal is to help inform you of whether or not using this company for your investments is worth it. If they are someone you can trust investing with and also to learn more about investing in alternative assets like cryptocurrency and precious metals.

The smarter investors are truly realizing that investing in things such as gold and silver can do some amazing things for their portfolios. Although, investing in the stock market and bonds is not a bad thing. It is time to realize the true potential of investing in alternative assets.

The economy going up and down drastically it just keeps becoming more clear that stocks is not the safest and potentially best place to invest for the long term. It is time to learn more about alternative assets and ultimately diversify that IRA portfolio of yours.

Let’s get into this Regal Assets review.

What is Regal Assets?

First, we are going to introduce the company in our Regal Assets review to you. Regal Assets is an investment organization with their headquarters in Beverley Hills.

The workplaces of the company are however spread across the US, Canada, London and Dubai.

The owner of the company is Tyler Gallagher, and he founded the company in 2009, and it has evolved a lot over time. Since their initiation, Regal Assets has taken care of several million in elective resource buys for private riches and institutional customers everywhere in the world.

The company began as exclusively a United States valuable metals seller. And they assembled their standing on causing US residents to put resources into gold and other valuable metals. That was great because they were adding to the retirement funds of the US citizens.

Regal Assets: The Premier Alternative Assets Firm

The organization centers around valuable metals, particularly as bullion, bars, and coins. Silver and gold are the association’s essential resources. Nonetheless, it works with palladium and platinum as well.

In 2017 Regal Assets was given the first crypto-item permit through the public authority division of DMCC to have the option to sell Cryptos lawfully everywhere in the world too.

Now that we have briefly introduced the company in our Regal Assets review let’s now discuss how they help investors.

Regal Assets is the top premier IRA company to learn about and then ultimately invest in precious metals and cryptocurrency. We do not say this lightly.

With a little more than 10 years of being a company, they are the highest rated alternative assets firm in the United States. They have even been endorsed by big name companies such as Forbes, the Huffington Post, Smart Money and more.

They have been publicly endorsed by the likes of television host, Laura Ingraham and radio host, Lars Larson among many others.

We believe that if you are an investor that wants to learn about and invest in alternative assets such as gold or bitcoin… there is no better firm that Regal Assets.

Can You Withstand The Next Financial Crisis?

Why Investing In Alternative Assets Is Smart

Now we will explain why you need to invest in precious metals cryptocurrency in this Regal Assets review. Let’s start with precious metals investment. As mining will eventually slow down because the resources are non-renewable, they will get even more precious than they already are currently.

And then stores will run out of gold, silver, platinum, and so on. But the interest for them will increase since we have begun utilizing them in typical applications. From PCs to clinical stockpile, valuable metals, similar to silver, are crucial for many enterprises.

There is no argument towards whether or not precious metals like gold hold their value overtime. The value of gold during things such as the financial crisis in 2008, while the stock market plummeted by 34%, gold’s value increased by 5%.

If you invest in precious metals, you can get your money back at whatever point you need to. And that makes precious metals an essential resource since proprietors can depend on valuable metals for monetary security. Precious metals such as gold are just extremely good at the bare minimum holding their value even in the worst of economic turmoil.

Now, let’s talk about cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies have been around for a moderately brief timeframe; however, they have become the most significant and high profitable investment.

By their very nature, digital currencies have high liquidity. And you can rapidly and effectively purchase and sell them, and the innovative association of exchanging stages permits the utilization of a wide assortment of instruments and strategies.

The value of things such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin have had exponential scary growth and gain in such a short amount of time. Investors who invested back in the mid 2010s into these metals are extremely happy they did. There has been no other gains like that in investments.

There is a reason why billionaires have been investing more and more into alternative assets for their portfolios. A lot of investors still do not realize the insane upside and potential in precious metals and cryptocurrency.

There are certain billionaires out there like John Paulson who has more than $4.6 billion invested in gold. If you want to be one of the richest, you have to follow what the wealthy elite are doing. The wealthy elite understand precious metals and gold are the way to go.

Regal Assets Gives You Things For Free

Another nice thing about a company like Regal Assets is they will actually give you a free investors kit, a free DVD and a Forbes issue on Regal Assets. The purpose of this is to help inform you more on Regal Assets and their products and help educate you on alternative assets and why they are 100% looking into.

This is an extremely nice touch by Regal Assets because this way it is zero risk for you the potential investors in precious metals and/or cryptocurrency through Regal Assets. This is an extra cherry on top to help you feel as comfortable as you can be before making an investment into anything.

After all, knowing more about alternative assets and Regal Assets will significantly increase your overall knowledge and potential for investing in something like gold. The more you know and actually understand, it’s that much more likely you’ll have an amazing IRA crushing it for you.

The Packages For Investors by Regal Assets

Regal Assets have brought individual packages for investors who have an interest in the company.

And we are going to discuss all of them in this Regal Assets review.

Some of the packages are for persons and families. And the other packages are profit-based packages with more significant investments.

We do want to state that currently as of writing this review of Regal Assets, roughly the average investment someone makes with Regal Assets is around $65,000.

1. The Basic Merchant Package

The minimum investment you can do with Regal Assets is $5,000. And the company has set a name for that package which is the Merchant package.

The package only includes gold and silver investments that you can liquidate in a time of need. As you already know a $5,000 investment is very small in the grand scheme of things.

This is nice though because you can get your feet wet with a very low risk, small investment.

2. The Knighthood Package

If you are someone who wants to make a slightly more significant investment, then you can go for the Knighthood Package. The package has a value of $10,000.

Although $10,000 is more than a $5,000 investment, still $10,000 is on the low tier of small investments. Still though this is a very nice place to get your feet wet even more so than the basic merchant package.

3. The Legacy Portfolio

Next is the legacy portfolio that has a fixed value of $25,000 and includes metals as well as for cryptocurrencies. The best feature about this portfolio is that you can have immediate profits over your investments. Now this is where the

4. The Kingship Portfolio

The Kingship Portfolio is the real diversification deal. It will diversify your portfolio into precious metals and cryptocurrencies worth $50,000. Having various resources options in your portfolio will shield you from any inflation, provide stability, and ensure growth.

5. The Dynasty Portfolio

The $100,000 dynasty portfolio is going to secure an investor’s life after retirement. This bundle offers steadiness, development, and security amid an emergency. It is differentiated with metals and cryptos with little danger.

6. The high-end investors’ Portfolio (Coronation)

The final deal is the $500,000 coronation portfolio for all the top investors who are ready to make big life decisions. And it is a complete life safety plan.

Expansion of Regal Assets

Let’s now discuss the development of the company over time in this Regal Assets review. Regal Assets started from scratch and have made some fantastic progress in a moderately brief timeframe.

From their US roots, they have extended universally. And they have developed from a US valuable metals seller into an International Alternative Assets Company. They are now in Canada, Britain, and also UAE.

Initially, the company was all about precious metal investment but recently, no more than three years ago; they added cryptocurrency as an offering as well. The reason was that they wanted to expand because their customers were happy with them.

Once they officially added cryptocurrency to their investment options, they then became an official alternative assets firm and not just precious metals.

And they were successfully running the business. And since the year 2017, the number of investors who have taken offers from the company has only increased. This Regal Assets review will be incomplete without the precious metal products discussion.

What Is The Product Range of Regal Assets?

So, now let’s discuss the product range of the company in this Regal Assets review. As of late they have opened abroad workplaces and extended their item range.

Probably the best component of Regal enterprise ends up being their top tier choice of coins, ingots, and bars in virtually the entirety of the valuable metals categories, i.e., silver, palladium, gold and platinum.

Some of their valuable metals items are demonstrated as follows,

1. Regal Assets Gold Range

• British Britannia Gold Coin 1 ounce

• Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin 1 ounce

• Canadian Maple leaf Gold Coin 1 ounce

• American Eagle Gold Coin 1 ounce

• American Buffalo Gold Coin 1 ounce

• Austrian Vienna Gold Philharmonic 1 ounce

• Islamic 8 Dinars Gold Coin 1 ounce

• 1000 g London Good Delivery Gold Bar

• London Good Delivery Bar 10 ounces

• London Good Delivery Gold Bar 1 ounce

• South African Gold Krugerrand 1 ounce

• 1000 g Gold Etihad Gold Bar

• 1000 g Gold Emirati Bar

• Chinese Gold Panda 1 ounce

2. Regal Assets Silver Range

• American Silver Eagle 1 ounce

• Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin 1 ounce

• British Britannia Silver Coin 1 ounce

• Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin 1 ounce

• Silver Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin 1 ounce

• Australian Koala Silver Coin 1 ounce

• 1000 g London Good Delivery Silver Bar

• Silver London Good Delivery Silver Bar 100 ounces

• London Good Delivery Silver Bar 10 ounces

3. Regal Assets Platinum Range

• American Eagle Platinum Coin 1 ounce

• Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coin 1 ounce

• Australian Koala Platinum Coin 1 ounce

4. Regal Assets Palladium Products Range

• Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coin 1 ounce

• PAMP design 1-ounce Palladium bar

• PAMP design 10 ounces Palladium bar

What Makes Regal Assets So Good?

Our Regal Assets review would be incomplete without describing why the company is so unique even more so then we have.

It is no secret, that we think Regal Assets is an extremely good alternative assets firm to use for diversifying your portfolio. They are the best in the industry for a reason, and they have the positive reviews and testimonials to back it up.

As well as major public appraisal from the likes of billionaires, and Forbes.

Regal Assets simply does things different. They truly believe putting the customers first and helping educate and teach them about investing in alternative assets before they do.

They do not have a pushy sales approach and never try to force you to invest in anything or sign anything before you are 100% confident, comfortable, and educated on it. They are a very genuine and transparent company that wants the best for their customers.

More Good Things on Regal Assets

Here is Forbes article on why investing in precious metals is a smart thing to learn about and eventually do.

The company is one of the solitary organizations that permits you to begin your Gold IRA arrangement security on the web.

And that encourages you to accelerate your cycle of getting your IRA set-up and your metals being dispatched. Apart from that, they have a vast range of bullion products for investors.

They give multiple storage options to their investors and also offer an annual full fee waiver option for the first year. The company has somehow maintained an outstanding track record.

And it is an A+ listed company in Forbes and other business websites. That might be because they are swift in the processing and shipping time of different metals for their clients.

If the coins don’t arrive within the delivery timeframe of seven days, then the company will give you a free Silver American Eagle coin.

Other gold investment firms usually take at least 15-30 days or even longer to get the gold delivered to their clients.

Should You Invest With Them?

After this detailed Regal Assets Review, we can say that the company is undoubtedly a top alternative assets firm. That is exhibited by its extraordinary evaluations and by the various positive tributes from existing customers.

We have also discussed in this Regal Assets review that they have as of late taken their business global with new workplaces in Canada to assist Canadians with contributing metals utilizing their retirement accounts and in Dubai to support global speculators around the world.

Regal Assets offer a broad scope of different things to invest in. They really have an option for every type of investor and whatever your desired goals are.

The organization will do its most extreme to guarantee that you get the ideal profit and return on investment no matter what ever you decide to invest in, whether starting big or small. Regal Assets is the right company if you want to learn about and invest in precious metals and cryptocurrency.


We want to conclude this Regal Assets review by saying that any paper-based investment is a bit risky and depends on specific economic trends going on in the world.

But with Regal Assets, you have the surety that your investment will have much higher profit potential then that of the stock market. They give you the best growth opportunities for whatever type of investment.

We suggest you doing a little bit more research into the company and the best place to do that is by getting a free investment kit and DVD from them and some other bonuses.

These are to help educate you that much more about Regal Assets and also diversifying your portfolio into something like gold and bitcoin.

We are confident that with concluding this Regal Assets review, that it helped you gain some true insight and value on whether or not Regal Assets is an investment firm for you and your needs.

Trust Regal Assets to get you the best return on investment no matter your needs for alternative assets. They are the best in the industry.